The Teachers


LST 2016 team



LST 2016 

Joshua Clements, Audrey Gibson, Kristy Jang, Joshua Altrock





LST 2015 

LST Teachers






Blake Schuler, Jonah German, Ericah Lewis, Josh Woody


LST 2014 

LST 2014 Teachers







Emily Helms and Kimberly Hanners  

LST 2014b






Svetlana Usatenko

LST 2014a







Kirsten Bobo


LST 2013
Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 10.32.59 PM










LST 2012 ( July – August ) 

Introducing the lovely Jonathan, Bethany and an old friend Marsha !





LST 2011 (June – July) 

Travis, Marsha, Miguel and Sultana – Welcome !

Travis Knight

Sultana Jiron

Mike Garcia

no  pic: Marsha Wade

Local 2011 (Local – February – March)

From 2006 till 2010, we are privileged to have a group of well-trained LST facilitators from USA, and they have blessed a great number of students who joined our LST program in enriching their conversational English skills.

We have taken up the challenge to offer Let’s Start Talking (LST) program to you, local style – presented to you by our local team. We ran the program during the period of 18/02/2011 till 27/03/11.

We are members of the Wangsa Maju church of Christ and we are a group consisting of various professions who are well versed with the English language and we believe we have the FORMULA to help you in improving your conversational English skills.

LST teachers 2010

This english class project was blessed with a highly enthusiastic team from the USA.  The whole team did a fantastic job of reaching out to the college students in Wangsa Maju.

The Boyd family is a family team consisting of  grandparents and grandchildren!!!

The Boyd Family – LST Teachers 2010, Wangsa Maju

*Josh Boyd:  37 years old, communication professor at Purdue
University in Indiana.  Outreach deacon.  This is his 9th LST project
since 1992.  Four of those have been in Thailand (Phuket and Bangkok).
*Gina Boyd:  38 years old, elementary school teacher.  This is her 8th
LST project since 1996.
*Lanita Boyd:  65 years old, retired school teacher.  This is her 5th
LST project.
*Steve Boyd:  65 years old, communication professor at Northern
Kentucky University.  Preacher at the same church in Cincinnati for
the past 35 years.  This is his 4th LST project, and he will be
arriving for the last 3 weeks only (doesn’t want to miss too many
Sundays of preaching).
*Kinley Boyd: 9 years old.
*Knox Boyd:  3 years old.


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  1. WE’RE looking forward to have u guys here

  2. Hi, I would like to know, how do the organizers get the model to organize such lessons?

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