What is LST ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Let’s Start Talking (LST)?
Let’s Start Talking offers a unique and personal approach to learning the English language. Since 1981, LST has trained and sent people from USA to offer English conversation classes in over 60 countries where people find that the English language is a key to opening doors of better economic opportunities and greater choices in life.

What materials are used and how do I learn?
LST provides conversation manuals called “Friend Speak” to help you pratice reading independently, as well as out loud with your LST conversation partner. Each lesson introduces new vocabulary as well as poses pratice questions to test your understanding of the text.

How long is each session?
You will meet once a week with your conversation partner for a duration of 45 minutes.

How much are the fees?
It is offered free of charge, without any obligation or requirement.
LST offers English conversation classes in exchange for cross-cultural experiences and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Where are the lessons conducted? 

We conduct our lessons at our church premise which is at  49-2, Block F, Platinum Walk, Taman Danau Kota, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. ( next to KL Festival City Mall, behind Hong Leong Bank

How do I join ?

It is very simple – please CLICK HERE to fill up the ONLINE FORM,  or call 03 – 4144 3117 , or SMS 0123747160


3 thoughts on “What is LST ?”

  1. Matthew said:

    haha, thanks to chee hoe to complete this website, this is a good program where I do learn how to speak well in English, the teacher is awesome, hope you guys enjoy the section ^^

  2. I am so glad and encouraged to see to good work going on here. Would like to visit you some time in the near future!

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