Tell Us

You can now fill up this ENROLMENT FORM right now to register with us. We will contact you as soon as we receive your details.

2 thoughts on “Tell Us”

  1. Lanita Boyd said:

    I’m not sure who your webmaster is, so I don’t know who to write. Surely this will work.
    I suggest that when you show LST workers, you start with the current ones and go backwards chronologically. That will make the page look much more current. Starting with 2007 makes it look outdated. Also, you might change the verb tense about us–not that we are coming in 2010, but that we were there in 2010.
    I do know that keeping a website current is a great challenge. Overall it looks very good. It’s just that some of the announcements about upcoming events are events that happened a month or more ago.
    We love you all and are very interested in the growth of the work at WM.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Glad to hear there is a free lesson for student to learn english…
    Hopefully this lesson will available soon in Kampar area.

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