Dear friends, 

Looks like LST this year is not just about learning to speak English but also – helping to preserve our fragile ENVIRONMENT.

This July 2nd, please book your calendar for a community service initiative by LST. We will be going around the 500 houses in the friendly neighbourhood of Taman Bunga Raya for a recycle campaign. Please join us as we collect items to be recycled from the residents. Proceeds from  sales of this collection will be used for charity purpose.

After so many hours of “talking”,  YOU may now like to  go ” walking “  with their respective teacher—- to practice their English in public, to do a worthwhile thing for the planet God has created. Let us start the month of July with charity !

And you will get a FREE LST  T-shirt! 

LST Community Service 1: Recycle Campaign in TBR

Venue: Taman Bunga Raya (to gather in WMCOC)

Date/Time: 2nd July 2011, 9am