Dear friends , it is time to come together again, and spend time with one another in our weekly Thursday meetings.

2nd LST party

Time: 7pm

Date: 16/6/2011  (Thursday)


Come early for for dinner so that we can start our program on time.

If you need transport , please take note that the pick-up points would be:-

  • Sri Pelangi,  
  • PV 3( Taman Melati),   
  • Metroview ( Wangsa Maju LRT )  
  • TBR (KTAR/UTAR )                                                               

             Time ~  about 7pm.  Return trip included.

Anyone who wish to use this free ‘uncle transport service’, please register/call  with Doreen (03-4142-7533)
Explore the rest of this website for details on how to find us, contacting us, and registering online. See you tomorrow!