Dear friends, here is how :-

1) Fill up the online registration form by clicking on this FORM

or click on this REGISTER NOW picture –

Just click on the (REGISTER NOW) icon !

We will get in touch with you soon, and register your name with us

2) Then come meet our teachers from USA for the first time on 31st May 2011 (7pm) for the Info Night, or on 1st June 2011 2pm till night. This is to confirm your name and also to book/schedule your one-to-one lessons with the American tutors.

Travis, Marsha, Miguel and Sultana - Welcome !

3) The lessons and the Info Night will be conducted here :-

Find us here!

4) Do contact us if you need transportation to come over – we can be contacted via:-
Phone: 03-4142-7533

5) Go this page if you want to know more about what is LST.