Let’s get ready for LET’s START TALKING

Let’s get ready for LET’S START TALKING 

Campus teams from LCU, York College, ARTech University, Faulker, Lipscomb University, and Harding University leave today for Malaysia, Ecuador, Belgium, Chile, Germany, and Switzerland while a church team from Canadian, TX leaves for Germany as well!

We pray for the safe arrival of our LST teachers to Malaysia. We are excited to meet Kristen and Svetlana.

LST teacher 2014

Let’s Start Talking begins this month !

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to come to our Information and Registration Night which will kickstart the LST 2014 program.

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Date: 13th and 14th May 2014

Time 6 – 9 pm ( Dinner will be served from 7pm)

You will be meeting Kristen and Svetlana, the American teachers who will be with us for the next 6 weeks. Get to know them, and we will also use this session to schedule your one-to-one classes throughout the 6 weeks.

LST teacher 2014

JOIN US ! See you on the 13th and 14th.

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It’s the season for LST !


Dear friends of LST,

Yes, this is the time of the year to start talking! To walk the talk and to talk the walk : ) 

It is time to prepare for Let’s Start Talking (LST) for the year 2014. This is a English Conversational Class, conducted in a one-to-one basis by American teachers, and the best thing is , it is entirely FREE. The duration of this program will be from 14th May 2014 till 2nd August 2014.

Yes, we are offering free English Conversational Class and we are inviting you to join us.

Please come to our Information and Registration Night which will kickstart the LST 2014 program.

Date: 13th and 14th May 2013

Time 6 – 9 pm

Venue: Wangsa Maju Church of Christ premise/LST Centre

            49-2, Block F, Platinum Walk, Taman Danau Kota, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 12.20.54 AM

Come join LST to improve your English, and also build new great friendships with your American teachers.


Who will be our teachers for LST 2014 ?

We are excited to announce that they are :-

Kristen Bobo & Svetlana Usatenko  

LST teacher 2014

They will be conducting classes with us from 14th May 2014 till 23rd June

and the 2nd team will arrive on 23rd June to take over from them to be with us till 2nd August 2014.




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